You know you are in for a treat when you open up your mailbox to find the prettiest invitation waiting for you and how cute are these ones from One Nine Design Co ?! Also, a night out with other mommy bloggers? I can’t tell you how fast I RSVP’d!

I was so excited for my first real “night out” since having Maddox.. so much that I arrived to dinner a little earlier than six. The moment I walked in, I was greeted so warmly by the Faythe and Kate, the editors of Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, and our hostesses for the night! Everything from the Airbnb venue to the table setting decor was beautiful (*cue heart eye emoji*), and with a glass of Barefoot Wine & Bubbly’s Pink Moscato in my hand, I just soaked it all in until the other ladies arrived!



Also, can we talk about this stunning floral arrangement by Ivory and Beau?! AHH! I want in my house every day.

I’m not going to lie, being the “newbie” in the group where most of the ladies already knew each other was a little nerve wracking and I may or may not have downed my first glass of wine before the others arrived (liquid courage, right?). However, I had absolutely nothing to worry about it. They were all so incredibly welcoming. We chatted all night about everything motherhood; the good, the bad, and the honestly messy. We talked about our marriages, our past, possibly more wild selves, and why we love our city, Savannah, so much. I think the only time we stopped talking was when we were too busy eating the most delicious dinner ever… literally. A fresh strawberry salad and a deconstructed salmon & potato soup? YUM! If Faythe had her own restaurant, I’d be her most loyal diner.


I’m a firm believer that dessert is the always a good idea (and apparently it’s been scientifically proven that it’s healthy for you too). When I was handed a slice of this Strawberry and Chocolate cake by Vintage Soul Cakes, I had no idea what my taste buds were about to experience. Honestly, it was so pretty, I felt bad eating it… for only like two seconds though because that’s how quickly I devoured it. SO DANG GOOD!


I’d have to say that even though this big ol’ blogging world sometimes gets a bad rep, I am so incredibly thankful to be a part of it. There is so much support, especially with other mommy bloggers, and I have been fortunate enough connect with some amazing people and companies. These other six women were no exception. I absolutely love when you are able to just “connect” with people on a level where you feel you can really open yourself up to them, even if you just met, and with each and every one of them, I felt that way.


 Thank you so much again to the editors of Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, Faythe and Kate, for hosting the prettiest dinner party I’ve ever been to and thank you to the ladies for making me feel right at home!

It was such a magical night and I’m honored to be have been a part of it.

Be sure to check out Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine’s original post of this night and these other fabulous six women ❤

Kelsey: Pardon My French

IG kelsey_pardonmyfrench

Kailey: Little.Miss.Payne

IG @little.miss.payne

Megan: Being Mrs. Fowler

IG @beingmrsfowler

Julia: Glitter and Juls

IG @glitterandjuls


Faythe: Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy

IG @faytheeloise

Kate: Kate Laraine Photography

(and the lady who is also behind these beautiful photos! Be sure to check her out if you are in the Savannah area because she is AMAZING and I kinda love her a lot 😉

IG @katelariane





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